A livable home is a place that can be easily adapted to its occupants'changing needs during their lifetime.  The Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) has now included new livable housing provision to the latest release of NCC 2022.  NCC 2022 will be adopted on 1 May 2023 with the livable housing requirements commencing on 1 October 2023.  The aim of livable housing provision is to create homes that are:

  • easy to enter   
  • easy to navigate in and around
  • capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation
  • responsive to the changing needs of home occupants
NCC LHD image

NCC's standards do not include any requirement for kitchen and outdoor patio.  Mondo Living recommends higher liveability standards be offered to your buyers as options so that every part of the house is accessible.  For example, accessible door sills between living and outdoor living.  Contact Mondo for accessibility options for all parts of the home.

The Mondo Building Professionals team have been working with the Liveable Housing Australia (LHA) guidelines for many years in both the housing and multi-residential sectors.  Contact us for an audit of your designs for compliance.

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