About Mondo Living

MONDO Building Industry Professionals, architects, builders, estimators, interior designers, stylists and material suppliers collaborate to bring you the best in home design. 

MONDO Architects and Ray Sweeney have been leaders in home design innovation since winning their first award in WA during 1972 and by 1990 had accumulated the most home design awards ever with multiple awards in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. Today there are thousands of people across Australia living in MONDO home designs.

Mondo Living is all about DESIGN and committed to making good design available to every home no matter how small or large. MONDO designs efficiently moderate the environment and we ensure that they make the joys of our environment a part of our everyday lives.

Sustainability, environment, ecology, energy efficiency, functionality, furnishability and economy are the foundations of MONDO designs and then we add the WOW.


Decades of home design innovation crystalized into a home design catalogue and a kit of tools to enhance your home sales, construction and profitability.

Conceived by Ray in 1980 as a way to bring good design into project home building, the MONDO home design catalogue is now used by builders, developers, sales teams, marketers and related Building Industry Professionals. Ray started his campaign to make good design available to the home building industry during 1972 in Western Australia, expanded it to Melbourne in 1980 and then Brisbane in 1990.

The designs won every state and national awards imaginable and by 1990 the portfolio of home designs had accumulated the most home design awards ever.

This portfolio became the foundation of the MONDO Living catalogue in 1995 and the MONDO team have been building on that foundation ever since. Now a young multi-disciplinary team of Building Industry Professionals create the future designs for MONDO Living.


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